Year after year we meet new clients and customers, and one of the most common debates is exactly whether frying in extra virgin olive oil is healthy or not.
In order to be able to discuss the importance of the smoking point, we must first be familiar with the temperatures at which we usually prepare food in the household. The frying of food in a pan takes place at a temperature of 120 ºC, while frying in deep oil reaches the temperature of 160 – 180 ºC, also if we bake food in the oven the temperature is around 180 – 200 ºC.
Fats and oils exposed to high temperatures begin to produce a bluish smoke and start the decomposition of chemical compounds, that moment is called the smoking point. After heating above the smoking point, oxygen radicals are formed which are known for damaging human cells.
The smoking point of extra virgin olive oil is around 210 ºC which is far higher than the temperatures we usually encounter in everyday cooking. In comparison, the smoking point of lard is 190 ºC, while sunflower oil is 230 ºC.
Extra virgin olive oil is also rich in natural antioxidants such as tocopherols (Vitmin E), squalene and biophenols. When extra virgin olive oil is heated, the concentration of biophenol decreases, while Vitamin E and squalene remain stable even above 210 ºC.
In conclusion, extra virgin olive oil is qualitatively one of the best fats that you can use when cooking food, and with a wide selection of Oliveri extra virgin olive oils, you will surely find the perfect combination for your dish.


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